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Implement a Payroll Solution That:

  • Integrates Seamlessly
  • Operates with Ease
  • Requires Minimal Management
  • Pays Employees Early
  • Saves Valuable Time

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Innovative Paycard Solutions

That's what Skylight Financial does best, and that's why we're the industry leader.

In 1998, Skylight Financial, a NetSpend® Company, pioneered a way for companies to enjoy a cost-effective, 100% paperless payroll system. Now, employees and individuals without traditional banking relationships can avoid costly and inconvenient paycheck-cashing services.

Calculate Your Savings

* The calculations performed to derive these values are based on industry averages for over thirty variables and are being made available to you for information and directional guidance. Actual results may vary. Skylight does not in any way warrant the savings results obtained using this calculation.