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Corporate Portal

The Corporate Portal is a comprehensive online interface that allows you to manage all aspects of your Skylight program. Designed as a "mission control" for managing the products you are using (e.g., the Skylight paycard, Online Wage Statements, Real-Time Funding, etc.), the Corporate Portal is flexible and seamlessly integrates with current payroll processes.

Enterprise Enrollment

Enterprise Enrollment is an online enrollment interface for the Skylight paycard program that seamlessly integrates with your current payroll system, allowing input of payroll information for all employees who utilize the paycard and those who do not. Whether the employee has their own bank account, is using the Skylight paycard, or wants to receive a paper check, Skylight will merge the data accordingly, enroll all the new paycard users, and present the remaining data back to you in a format that can be easily loaded back into your payroll software. Enterprise Enrollment supports virtually all payroll software formats.

Real-Time Funding

Real-Time Funding is a Web-based funds transfer system designed for companies who need more flexibility than traditional automated clearing house (ACH) systems can provide. With Real-Time Funding, companies are able to immediately and easily load money onto Skylight paycards for payroll, exception pay, or term pay needs.

Comprehensive Reports

The Corporate Portal gives you access to comprehensive reports, including statistics for payroll administrators regarding card issuance, activations, and other performance metrics.

Online Wage Statements

In addition to cost savings, implementing the Online Wage Statements feature is simple and does not require a large investment of time or IT expense. Through FTP transmission, the program uses the pay information from any payroll system and conveniently delivers it to employees via the Internet, telephone, text message, or fax. As always, Skylight Financial provides a highly-trained IT team that supports you during implementation and throughout the program. Plus, the Online Wage Statements feature gives you access to:

  • Broadcast Messages: Important company announcements from payroll administrators can be shown prior to employees viewing Online Wage Statements.
  • Online W2s: Employees can view and print W2s online, and you can track who has downloaded W2 information.
  • Secure Administration: To ensure the security and privacy of employees' financial information, you can establish secure administrators to modify payroll item descriptions, batch print wage statements, establish additional administrators, and perform password resets.
  • Fax, Print, Text Message, and Automated Phone System: You can select various methods of wage statement distribution.
  • Website and Program Customization: You can add company logos, colors, and messaging to the site. Wage statements can also be customized to include company-specific wage or deduction items.

Inventory Management

Skylight Financial's proprietary Inventory Management system makes managing your paycard program even easier. It manages, organizes, tracks, and allocates your inventory of Instant Issue Packs. Upon reaching the reorder point, the system automatically processes an order of additional Instant Issue Packs for delivery to a location you specify.